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What do we do in choir?

In choir, you will learn to sing many different types of songs: some pop, folk, classical, and maybe even a foreign language!  Don't worry - your teacher will teach you all of the notes and words (and how to say them).  Some of our songs have dance moves (choreography) that go along with them.  Don't worry, it's easy enough for Mr. Doty to do!

Is that all we do in choir?

No way!  In choir, you will learn to read and write music.  Both boys' and girls' choirs also do a unit on African drumming and a unit where you will learn to play the acoustic guitar!

What is the time commitment like?

At the middle school, choir is an actual class that meets every day, just like English and math.  Choir also has five (5) performances throughout the year: Fall Concert, Christmas Concert, Contest Concert, Choir Contest, and Spring Sing.  There are also dress rehearsals (practices) for the fall and spring concerts.  That's only seven (7) nights after school!

Can I be in choir and play sports?

Absolutely!  Because there are not many after-school commitments in choir, participating in a sport is no problem.  In fact, most choir students are also involved in other activities, like athletics.  Should a conflict arise, your teacher and your coach will wind a solution that will benefit you the best.

What are the choirs available to me?

As a seventh grader, boys will be in the "Statesmen Singers" choir.  This is a men's choir directed by Mr. Doty.  Girls will be in either "Aurora Chorealis" or "New Harmonies."  Both are women's choirs directed by Mr. Hurst.  There is no difference between Aurora Chorealis and New Harmonies; they just sing different music.  Choir members are also invited to try out for the NCMS Swing Choir.  This extra-curricular choir meets once a week after school for 90 minutes and is directed by Mr. Hurst.

Why should I join choir?

Choir is a really fun team where you will meet a lot of really cool people and have a lot of fun experiences.  Many high school choir members met their best friends in middle school choir!

Top Left: Members of the 8th grade choir trip to King's Island;

Top Right: Members of the 7th grade boys' choir playing African drums; Middle Left: 8th grade choir performs "Eye of the Tiger" at Spring Sing; Middle Right: Swing Choir went ice skating at the Pepsi Coliseum (Indy); Bottom Left: Swing Choir performs.

Read what NCMS Choir students said about their experience in choir:

“I’ve learned team work is a big deal in choir because if the whole team sings, we have a great sound.  If not, it’s not so great.  You should put all your effort into the songs to sound good.  And having respect is something you should always have; with the directors, it’s more than respect.  Last, when we had to learn new languages, everyone was persevering, no matter how hard it was.

When we use these characteristics, we can become a better person in school, out of school, on the field, or on the court.  All these things are about hard work and never giving up.”

                                                           - Dezmond Farrell, 2012 (7th grade)

“Teamwork is very important in choir.  You have to work together to make the choir successful.   You have to put all differences aside and work hard to make your choir sound good.  Perseverance is needed when you make a mistake; you have to keep trying until you correct it.  Effort is for giving it your all to make the choir its very best.  Respect is to other people when they are nervous.  Don’t laugh or make fun of them.  Tell them they did well and give them support.”

                                                                 - Sydney Gibson, 2012 (7th grade)

“What I have learned about teamwork is that choir is like a sports team.  Everyone has to do their part to be successful.  What I have learned about perseverance is that you always have to try your best, even if you can’t hit a certain note.  What I have learned about respect is that every part is equally important, not one is better than the other.”

                                                            - Logan Lewis, 2012 (8th grade)

“I have learned a lot of things in choir.  Teamwork can get you anywhere.  I’ve learned how to respect people and teachers.  I’ve put a lot of effort into choir; it helps you get where you want to go.  If you keep trying, you will get there.

Choir is a lot more fun than sports and school.  It’s not as hard as sports and you can’t sing in the middle of math, English, or social studies.”

                                                     - Brayton Helderbrand, 2012 (7th grade)

Still have questions?

Talk to a current NCMS Choir Student or you can email a question to a director!

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